R&D Molders is a certified molder under ISO 9001:2015. R&D Molders continues to comply with ISO 9001 standards to ensure that we follow through with our documented procedures while working towards continual improvement.  As a result, our customers will see streamlined service, consistent products, and ensures that R&D Molders has higher accountability for our processes. R&D Molding's ISO compliance covers all OEM production outside of its proprietary lines.

R&D has an established quality policy, which aligns with our objectives for continual improvement.  Executive-level management drives R&D's continuous improvement efforts, ensuring that all members of the organization are aware of and strive for common goals: Quality and Service.

R&D’s quality standards is fully integrated in our locations through the use of Intergrated Quality Management System (IQMS) software. The use of this software at our locations provides real-time data, available for viewing at any location, in any department.  IQMS software ensures that our processes, be it sales and account management, production, quality, or shipping are easily monitored, and ensures that our executive-level management is aware of the performance of our processes.  IQMS has been instrumental in our quality management system, providing a seamless platform for our plants to operate while enabling us to monitor our production, supplier, and customer metrics.


R&D ISO Certification PDF